The name of the master chocolatier Mirco Della Vecchia increasingly related to chocolate sculptures , which he made ​​copies in all shapes and sizes . For some time it has specialized in the production of hand-made chocolate sculptures , with only the use of chisels.

chocolate sculptures are handcrafted that are made for several purposes : from simple exposure in chocolate shops , to the invoice upon customer's request , until their realization in relation to events which the GWR ( Guinness World Record) .

chocolate sculptures which the teacher can achieve ranging from topics Abstract religious ones . Particular interest collect the sculptures replicas of monuments have recently been recreated in handcrafted chocolate Milan Cathedral , but also the St Mark's Campanile .

The realization of numerous sculptures made ​​by guinness Mirco Della Vecchia an artist unique in its kind, able to realize the true works of art . Very often, associations, companies , or shopping centers, require the presence of the master for the creation of a chocolate sculpture for promotional purposes , or in circumstances related to events of local and national renown .

If you'd like a chocolate sculpture for an event, an anniversary or for other purposes , please contact the teacher Mirco Della Vecchia filling out the information request form .

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