Societal engagement and volunteering

Mirco Della Vecchia is always attentive to the customer , looking for new products that more and more meet the needs of the consumer, such as sugar-free chocolate , gluten-free and GMO-free .

But the master chocolatier is also involved in social , devoting time and resources to those people who unfortunately for them have not yet had a chance concrete to prove their worth or to emerge.

Here, then, that

Mirco , which already Some years ago he participated in the founding of Fine Chocolate Organization and also the creation of Fund Onlus Cocoa , is committed to participate in sustainability projects , directed to populations cocoa producer .

ago trying to create with various missions in South America is a concrete and constructive , aiming to establish trade as they pay the right price cocoa.

some time Mirco Della Vecchia engaged in the construction of large sculptures in chocolate , some of these entries in the Guinness Book of World Records , that are donated for humanitarian purposes , such as the Duomo Milan in white chocolate , sculpture 4800 kg that allowed Mirco and Carousel Mall to donate 10,000 Euros to Francesca Rava foundation for the construction of a children's home in Haiti .

In the picture was handed over to Martina Colombari , spokesperson of the Foundation.

In addition to specific projects on cocoa, Mirco is committed to volunteer work with the association AIPD ( Italian association of people down) . Recently, along with other fellow chefs in the province of Belluno , participated in the creation of a recipe book made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely with the help of the guys Down.

commitment Mirco is however across the board in shaping the culture of chocolate with workshops and seminars in schools , for pupils and students of primary and secondary schools . It is of special theoretical lesson , because surely the guys who participate are able to grab at least a small square of chocolate craft to be savored , and note that the difference with the flavor of the chocolate industry.

If you are a teacher try to contact us to make a lesson sweet chocolate , with a teacher really special.

In addition we offer

availability making courses free or special price for the unemployed, people with disabilities motor , down people , single mothers and people recovering from addictions to alcohol and drugs ( for which we need to evaluate the possibility of professional courses )


the year of true social commitment is 2013, in which year also affected by the strong global crisis that accentuates always more inequality Mirco between people during a large demonstration in Rimini able to put together 80 people, all impegnatissime to UNICEF for a project against Infantile malnutrition in the world.

the occasion by way of even knowing Alessandro Zanardi

with which to date are planning a series of initiatives in favor of children below senzaarti

From 2014

over will officially launched the project " chocolate for life " with which every year Mirco donate Italian associations that fight poverty malnutrition and 100,000 chocolate bars for free

Finally this year the company is Official Supplier to Telethon

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