China Hong Kong - Dubai Belun

Notice to mariners, I decided to publish this journal without correcting the grammar, to be even more immediately, to let you know how sometimes the impetus and passion make you run your fingers on the keys like a piano

May 31

and ... Belun 's and always Belun , and always Belluno Belluno translated, retranslated the city where you are born you stay inside for life

trip many times that I fill with a profound solitude, to my family and also to my land.

This journey unlike others, is not going to see cocoa but to go to trade my products in China, with me making cheese Ernesto and Miriam daughter of one of the partners of a company of biscuits.


know him a companion, a Miriam instead and a bit a cabbage, wrapped in its infinite by removing all leaves one by one to understand how it might really introverted person but at the same time direct and sometimes tactless.

The first day and a long flight where I can only tell you that more and more I am passionate to Giovanni Allevi.

arrive in China and already immediately try to trick us with the taxi, we are 6 persons (with 3 other friends co-workers) ask a taxi 7 seater minibus to go to the hotel, the kind makes us do 300 meters to get to where we are (according to her) these pulminetti, but I do not see any bus

Suddenly he stops, smiles and leans on a prototype car with 4 wheels, this according to her van and a 7 seater, but I do not know if he intends to 7 seats for elementary school children or adults for conjoined twins , let's go in and I project on the joke of 5 on a five hundred elephants, you know the truth? That's pretty much interlocking, salt the first, second, third, already must cross one leg, the fourth has to put his arms around the neck of the other and legs crossed, for the minimum quindo do not escape if he wants to stay there should slide a finger in the nose of the fourth, place an ear on the muffler and go to the bathroom to slim 2-3 hg those that are needed to enter, and the sixth? So the sixth or guide and the driver remains here or we have to change the solution, I salute you leaving them in tears for not taking the job and we take 2 taxis,

Soluxe hotel, but the name seems more appropriate the "polar hotel" given the internal temperature, I believe that if tomorrow I'll take a juice and leave it resting 10 minutes with a stick in the middle can I get a buzz from Calippo.

room and beautiful, spacious and has even cover the roll of toilet paper Bohemian crystal, no sorry it was not Bohemian crystal was velvet.

June 1

today we do not have to do anything, it's hot and not even sell the polarelli, let's go for a ride at the fair to see how we will settle tomorrow, after which we take a walk to Guangzhuo, here and now my teammates throw me a paccone, we are walking peacefully, because we stop some of them want to take a taxi, I give two explanations of the taxi driver to take them and the others (with which we had to continue on foot) disappear.

bell 'imbusti Ernesto and Miriam are right, maybe they are looking for some relaxing time together, maybe I missed something but it is known that the flights are often together foragers new love stories.

Okay I decide to make the candle, and I join them hurrying in a mix between Usain Bolt and fracchia, I join them, they pretend a certain compicimento.

In China we buy

obviously a bit of chinoiserie until it is evening and we go to eat at a restaurant chosen by 'Emanuela.

A typical restaurant with aquariums where the fresh fish they catch you, and I will make espresso, I'm a little disgusted by it all, and I do not like fish in a fish restaurant are usually only good one.

I take a couple of dishes of vegetables, some boiled potato and watch others.

daughter Emanuela you buy a lobster crustacean staggering 280 Euros, 280 Euros if I were wise I eat a month

Oh well

I like it too occasionally eat refined but not the price that makes the fine


net the fish and mustache was a nice evening,

June 2

The fair is not bad, but not many eating to smudge and evil, Miriam finds it hard to carburetor, I see them a little on his scared and shy, I try to encourage it but it seems to me an arduous task, and then decide if he wants to help her to come forward to be

time flies and in the evening we go to eat at a very good Italian restaurant, where a chef south of Salerno if I'm not mistaken, the buffalo mozzarella is made directly to them.

I think an amazing thing, already in a restaurant make mozzarella and something almost unique if we think that we are in China and even more but only buffalo then .... anyway I shot 5, to be honest I only eat those because the rest I do not like to die, but they are delicious mozzarella peppino

June 3

second day of the fair even to comment on, and that the pearl

I have just stolen my new salmsung galaxy note 2. Turn, now do not tell you anything more. Even the dinner " ritz charlton "

June 4

I make a detour near the fairgrounds early to greet Eric and Joyce, submitted to me by a friend Paolo Bolognese industrialist, these two gave me a big hand during the fair, joyce in particular made me find a new potential customer " Candy " a girl who takes care of buying chocolate for wealthy clients who want to come and visit me in Italy for them to 2 weeks

I would say great, in fact we plan and its coming but not before giving her a lot of samples that may hopefully serve

Miriam and always there, more detached than ever

But already at 9 am we train to hong kong, we arrive at the station and we still have the ticket, I also have to take over all i for all, as in all the stations there is always someone who offers to help in the face of a tip, I trust accountant boots, even being Chinese Scalponi accountant, to find an ATM that makes me turn the whole station, I doubt that he wants to tip the meter (ie as taxi drivers, most makes you walk the more money you have to give) the last 500 meters are pure racing, but I can stand amazingly well, do I fetch 2 lira to the accountant and go rushing to get the ticket .. " train and full "

turning miiiii that we were going to honk kong and back in the day, if we start with the next we get there at noon and we have already back to 16.00 because the night we flew to Dubai

But let the same, during the train journey I reflect a lot about some things, but with no result coming out of my thoughts, we come to hong kong where we expect Edmond, a Florentine with Mom English

He takes us to visit some customers, but the scene more beautiful and last, we are already ritardissimo, in 20 minutes we have the metro to go to catch the train that takes us to the airport, we arrived and the chef with whom we speak is talking to other customers, and we sit down as if we had a spring in his chair and we raised there come on, fool (let's give him a bit of explanation), but incredibly he buys cheese Ernesto in a little while, it will be ever that he was right Ferradini?

now and only a struggle against time and my belly, I run like maybe I did not do more For 20 years, we have no money, climb over the barriers of the underground with a leap that if I see the marketing manager of oil heart makes me a contract for 3 years but in the end take the metro and go to the airport.

the evening we leave for Dubai here we're going to see my Gerhard importer for the middle east.

flight and ugly, and because someone in the group has taken the front seat for all to a kind of wall where you can not stretch your legs, you can not do anything about anything that is not to suffer, and suffer as a mom .... I suffer, then there is also close to me " jonny fart " that actually I'm not sure it's called jonny, but the fart that I have no doubts pulls. Devastating.

June 5

arrive in Dubai at 5 am and at the hotel at 6, do not do it anymore 38 hours that we are standing as cool between us seems Giuliano Ferrara after 5 tanks against the pilgrims, dormicchiamo here and there, finally at 8 give us the room we sleep until 11 and then taste all in walking distance to the DESERT SAFARI, as Gerhard meet him only domattino, I decided to bring my comrades to be a unique adventure.

And so it is, up and down the dunes and really a lot of fun with us in the jeep also Dan, a sheikh Abu dhabi on vacation a few days in Dubai, he actually lives in Washington. A particular person but interesting, but when we start talking about women understand now that their open-mindedness stops where you start to talk about freedom of the fairer sex.


and a person open to all, iphone 5, slippers "prada" but when I ask him what he thought of the little freedom Arab women .... I said " and what's wrong, are women " .

Like all safari after 3 hours of raids arrive on a desert oasis where in addition to delight us with a show of belly dancing eat a bit of typical speziatissima between a camel, a camel and a few fart jonny (where you go I always go find one and every so often without realizing it's you)

June 7

today do not have much time to write, I will tell you only that we met Gerhard with whom we planned the first export of our products to india and the flight from Dubai to Venice is the most beautiful flight of my entire life, new air, quality food but especially a staff really rocking

pee on him, I'm thinking also that they are not really hotess but the comedy actresses.

Belun And finally, my dear, so I left you, and so I found you

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