Vamos a pianificar an event in Colombia Bucaramanga

This trip is

a bit different from others. and because just me and Philip, but especially because we have an important mission by the Ministry of Economic Development , to deal with Fedecacao ( the federation of small and medium producers of cocoa Colombians ) the realization of an event on the cocoa.
It 's the month of November we have is a cold beak. I take my usual plane from Venice to Rome, where I will be with Philip.

November 7

part . I do a little research on the Internet about how will be the weather conditions, and at 4 am I accompany my wife Barbara , a bit assonata and a little sulky for that my suitcase that never takes the dust , there are so many travel cha do during the year.
Arriving in Rome , I see now Philip ; as always you talk a little bit everything. At that time, in particular , we had launched on the Italian market , along with 3 other chocolatiers Peppe Rizza , Gabriel Mainero and Silvio Bessone , a new brand called " masters of chocolate" where each chocolatier creates a chocolate avoletta typical of its territory ; and everything is sold in department stores, all'Esselunga for accuracy.
There were so many problems with this new project , that's when we realize we are already in Bogota, ready to take the transfer to Bucaramanga.

November 8

As always when I'm in latin america , the first few days does not give me the time zone peace , and I am awake at 5 am as a cricket. While Philip aspect , I try to learn even a few words of Spanish , even after 4-5 trips still do not understand perfectly.
10.00: starts the event " El Congreso Nacional of chocolate" , a conference organized by the Fedecacao , where I will bring greetings from Italy and especially where I will try right now to start a journey . The purpose is to help the campesinos , thanks to our advice , to work to the best cocoa by our standards ; and at that point try though with difficulty, to have a business relationship.
On this day , however, intervention is key Pinchon to Omar , the president of Fedecacao which until that point had defended that the campesinos for reasons of productivity put in their plantations the infamous CCN51 , a clone of cocoa that has only good productivity ; removed pre- in the production of cocoa butter, chocolate to produce the CCN51fa really " sucks " , it is astringent to fear, and also to plant cocoa trees are removed criollo (! ), which in addition to being qualitatively valid , are undoubtedly native . And as the word itself criollo " place" or typicality only able to hold in their cocoa magic of the history of a country.

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