In Dubai for a "quickie"

I know, I know filth that you have just read the title and, knowing my candor in writing diaries you have already made sitting on the couch with popcorn and the roll of paper towels.

Yet he should know what the Arabs are conservative, as you can imagine that I go there, so to speak, to make a real quickie, a romantic getaway that he would not return if not inside a beautiful wooden box with larch .

In reality

the title and the fact that this journey I will write to 1 month away and as always many things are forgotten me, but anyway even if I wanted to quickly tell you what happened in Dubai, because and something really prestigious

It all starts in the month of December 2012, I called a certain Laetitia, a French import European products in the UAE and tells me he wants me to go there to make a sculpture, I do not have anything fancy and with all the ways I know I try so kind to make sure that the conditions that are not acceptable.

price high, flying bussiness, 5-star hotel

I am certain that these conditions will seem unfair and will not accept, but then I remember it well, Valentine's Day, 7:00 am the phone rings " My wife makes me his best wishes " s useless Laetitia was confirmed that I work, noooo can not believe it, and now I do? I tell him? I'm stuck with my hands.

combine and in the meantime, I leave in late March to Dubai without really knowing where I work and what I should do, so my desire was underfoot

Flight with Emirates in Bussiness, nothing of that, but it's "cool", as usual at passport control in Dubai and the tail mileage, exit I get to take it with a style bedford van with air conditioning ball, go along the Burj al Arab and the Burj Kalifa in the skyscraper more largest in the world, Dubai and a beautiful country, but in the end it really has nothing except a few nice building and a ski slope in a shopping mall can not tell you more reasons to come

arrive at 'Atlantis' tics .... " is a hotel grandiose gorgeous located on "palm", an area artificially recreated in the sea that has the shape of a palm tree, already begins to intrigue me a bit the whole, we make a brief meeting with the chef to see how to get started with it, but now it amazes me the large amount of chefs that work, 8 have kitchens with a total of more than 600 chefs and 1,500 rooms for a maximum of 5,000 customers daily

beginning to think I've done well to accept and in fact when I bring near the area where I remain thrilled that I can not sculpt, a stage next to the aquarium more artificial Dubai's great, that's right the Atlantis Hotel has built a huge aquarium with sharks, jellyfish etc etc.

chocolate blocks are already ready, and start immediately with malice, chainsaw and chocolate splashing everywhere, they are laughing but still do not know that then have to wipe them all this stuff.

When you really understand how it works, I'll provide a Cameroonian that each piece of chocolate that goes to ground fucks him immediately (and it's a great deal!).

There are 4 fantastic days, I reply hotel in scale 1: 20 and everyone, including customers are stunned by the sculpture.

This teaches me that sometimes the laziness of doing things makes you lose some good opportunities, and the fact that years ago I did everything even the most small things, nowadays with all the things to do and a family with 3 daughters how to tell sometimes if they do not immediately perceive a great opportunity if you are unsure or do not do.

I have to start thinking about how to include my students in all of this so that even if I am not I do things at least in their ability a bit 'of my tradition continues.

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