An important proposal and Esmeralda Duran

Sunday, April 7

As usual trips are already beginning from the moment I make bags, point the alarm clock at 3:30, my dad Renato accompany me in Venice for the plane, a little sorry because Barbara was to accompany me but last night we discussed a little better and then the old Popes

Inside of me I also think that these overnight trips with my dad I remember them throughout life, we never had a loving relationship and even though clear that we love, but my father and in 1942, another era, an era in which men do not shine their feelings.

arrive in Venice, I took the jacket because in South America due to me at least 30 large and I do not want to take much space in your suitcase because I want to bring back some plants of stevia and cocoa.

soon as he arrived at the airport I'm going to say goodbye to Jasmine, the beautiful jasmine .... and I say no more, check-in, scan control, a trickle of pee and we are ready for boarding.

bench boarding a blind elderly that makes me better understand what leads to menopause in women, are 6 am and already good start, I just have to put on my headphones and listen to some of EELST maybe they'll put me in a good mood a little flight to Amsterdam with KLM, flight and great, the service even better but I do not know what that falls to me after the connection to Guayaquil hides a rip off, 11 hour flight with a stopover in Quito and Guayaquil for 1 more hour.

ends more, KLM did not even offer an Italian film in 11 hours, and would, I see 3 movies in Spanish and one in English, the ARGO with Ben Afflec, not bad

Arrival in Guayaquil with fiery red eyes, with a great burning in the stomach and with a bit of flatulence or better puzzolenza olfactory saw the result, I know that Dutch cuisine is not the top.

exit falls to me Elisa, an Ecuadorian who study years ago in Perugia which takes me to the hotel, and Sonol 19:00 (1 night in Italy) and the time of a "hamburghesa2 and straight to bed

Monday April 8

annoying and time zone from 2 am are with open eyes staring at the ceiling, I would work on the PC but I do not have the right motivation, turn on the TV and I understand that Italy and is now considered less of Burkina Faso, 1 of 266 channels even in Italian. Mizzica're just retreating to thousand in the consideration that the world has of us.

come to pick me up with a Nissan camioneta no air conditioning, I'm 10 in the morning and already the thermometer reads 33 degrees.

move slightly toward Duran, the reason for the journey that still have not told you, and especially as a consultant to a large chocolate company, ops pardon of semi-finished products (cocoa and cocoa butter) who wants to start producing even chocolate .

I welcome the engineer Alvaro, a boy of less than 30 years and was recently appointed director of the company, I think to myself .... kudos to that age already direct a company of 200 workers .... we want hair on my stomach. (and in fact)

'company and obsolete, old and poorly organized, in spite of what the product that are not bad, but here we see immediately that would take rapid and radical.

During the day, I do see their production process, like receiving the cocoa, such as sterilized to be honest I also learned something.

fact their machines if they build internally and some solutions that have developed are really interesting, time flies by talking about how we can intervene to develop the production of chocolate, the space that missing and wisdom ....

here is to take the hand of a company of 200 people and bring it to work 500 tons monthly of chocolate, ambitious but possible especially seeing that the machines between them in a corner unused also have 2 basins 6 tons Bauermeister.

I learn that the owner and an avid machinery and has a warehouse full of old cars chocolate, I insist to view it and after a bit of hesitation bring me

"Por Dios," exclaimed them in there and the "holy grail" chocolate refining machine 2 5-cylinder, 6-cylinder 3 and the Carle mountaineers, 3 Melangeur, moulini marbles, here there is already everything you need!

So I ask the director why

Having their machines gathering dust do not make chocolate .... "conoscimiento Don Mirco" ..... "Conoscimiento", or do not know how to use

the evening leisurely pace, meeting an old friend and planning to visit the plantations for the next day

Tuesday, April 9

finally sleep a little more .... (1 hour more) are the 3 in the morning and I already feel fresh as a daisy, maybe I exaggerated, as fresh as a chrysanthemum by, at 9:00 I get to take to get back to work today we see a sugar mill to refine and test deodorization tower using an old steam recovered in Colombia.


hot and amazing the thermometer marks already 37 degrees and it's not even noon, arriving just in company I remember how Ecuadorians always promise you that they are ready but they are getting back to work

"Hola hermano que tal todo listo ...?" I ask curious .... "Don mirco hemo tenido a problem" (Always keep a problem .... but I love him just for that)

Yeah I'm thinking that today only lose time but just as I'm pondering whether to go to Santa Elena to see a piantgione stevia in frettempo that end, Alvaro tells me if I can help them find the right point of roasting.

Wow I say finally goes live and I can intervene in the production process to make my contribution, change at least 10 types of roasting, they have a fantastic facility, an air roaster truly exceptional and in fact even after 1 hour in the cocoa begin to scent the whole factory, and they keep telling me " Don Mirco ... sabes ahora de cacao .... sabes ahora " and already Cocoa is now releasing the better because before it was so toasty under which we consider only dried.

Alvaro and really a great and finally they begin to trust me, and because even though they were the ones to call for help on the first day I felt a little opening and when I told them some things they resented, but then we must be able to accept constructive criticism if and today we have taken a big step forward not to mention that we have developed the flavor enhancer for a patent for improving the flavor of the cocoa mechanically but this will be better to talk about it later.

Cenetta intimate (in the sense that I do bring dinner in the room) patacones a dish and a yummy avocado, just lacked a little olive oil from Puglia Italy ....... ah ...

Wednesday April 10th

wake up early today to go to Santa Elena to see stevia, maybe not all healthy .... What the origins of the Paraguayan Stevia plant and a green plant from a leaf of a powder that worked 300 times sugar beet sugar so just put an ounce to get the same sweetening of 300 grams of sugar.

Italy and Europe already is depopulated to the point of being almost a fashionable product, but I am convinced that with the problems of obesity that there are around this natural leaf will make success.

At 5 am already

I will be waiting to take you out from the hotel and at that hour the faces around you that are really shady other Belluno .... in my little province Dolomitica the only ones that you see around are at 5 bakers with their van, those of milk and a few police patrol that makes breakfast in the bar.

Felix picks me up and let's go home the engineer, the journey is long and despite the jeep with air conditioning equipped with every comfort me very tired.

arrive at St Helena and the engineer immediately rushes to see how they are doing the work of the factory Stevia, I remain impressed, a factory of 40,000 square meters, a huge thing ... who is putting all this money ?? a little later I learn that President Correa of ​​Ecuador is making a national policy on the cultivation of stevia and the factory and also the state.

One lady, Linda ... or maybe Rita leads me to see my first plantation of stevia, now yearn to taste a leaf, the leaf that has a sweetening power 300 times sugar.

Succhiatina fast, and yet ..... what miiiiiiiiiii scary, sweet and almost makes me vomit and how disgusting.

We continue to see the nursery where the plants grow and reproduce, and I do not hold back from asking him to give me some plants to take to Italy, I would like to make a small tropical greenhouse where I can cultivate cocoa as well as cultivating stevia-

Besides, we already

the use, just this year we launched a line of chocolate stevia which is having a great success.

return and on the way back the engineer changed way of being, if up to that point was a little suspicious, now starting to talk about an idea that came up in the night to make a chocolate factory in Italy able to provide all of Europe ..... I do not know what to do, the proposal and large, substantial and could definitely turn the course of many things .... we set an appointment for the evening at 20:30 at the hotel but in the meantime, the engineer wants me to talk with the sales manager giàsubito and marketing to see what to produce and how to do it.

I am shocked, but at the same time and a "cool", I do freshen up in the bathroom, where I realize that the ride on the plantation of stevia I made a face as red as a hot dog, on the other hand we were more 2 hours in the sun at 38 ° C

Return to the hotel just to freshen up, tonight you write the story!

Thursday April 11th

and history and writing and how, together we decided to install a large factory in a position to serve the European market, I still can not believe that in less than 4 days we have planned something so important

today and a hectic day, tomorrow the engineer has to go out to Ecuador and all things within this wants to close tonight.

Meeting with marketing, meeting with business and with new production, then full immertion with experts to establish the necessary machines, where to get etc etc -

I have never had to take so many final decisions together, here we want to clear ideas and cool -

A small break in the Comidor (restaurant inside the factory) I as always despite my hearty "panzotta" I'm a little reluctant to get used to local tastes, after years, I am convinced that when they are in latin america for me to exist only in the order PLATANO hands AVUACATE, CIFLES, PAPAS Y WITH THIS BOLONES other experiments do not want to make the most of a corn cob boiled.

day and really interesting, but only because this I do not know what awaits me in the evening

Return to the hotel and find it waiting for the director of a campesino cooperative that produces cocoa, " hola que tal Don mirco " (Yay ... the tenth mirco do I have to at least pretend that they call me "cardinal" ...) I do not know what he wants from me, and all red in the face and voice tremulante, I do not know and I'm putting a little awe perhaps, mah ....

Let's talk a bit and tells me about his wife, his children and perhaps one that is coming to play football with a team important ..... great .... but I would say after a day like the one I had I would get to the point because my eyelids, despite having to go through a bit of starchy pasta cooking water, and are inexorably falling from 5 minutes to play the deprofundis.

behold that passing a tangent tells me " que opines Don Mirco (eddaje) is ustedes it apoja with a almacen en Europa por our cocoa " ?

What?? but what are you talking about? We discuss .....

Eventually the father of the future noartri de Maradona wants me to bring in a part of my body to make Europe warehouse for their cocoa.

But that "Figo" I think, unfounded and I always liked to give a hand to these people to break away from the corporations and brokers, and for this we agree to give 200 sqm warehouse at no cost, I say that for 24 months I do not take anything devas, in the limit I will give some lots of its cocoa, and that if his market goes well we'll talk about in the future.

It is obvious that if they start to get container every day and I'll have put a person to work for something I have to take this thing too ... but in the meantime let's give him a hand!

Friday April 12th

is coming on Sunday, today I am going back into the factory to give you the latest information because tomorrow or Sunday delivery for Esmeraldas and Machala to visit a dozen plantations that do not know, unfounded on this trip I have not pulled out my jacket, mythical field with the boots with a tank underneath and I miss that very much.

I am

returned late in the evening to write a bit of my day .... with the jacket, boots I have not used even today.

I was all day to taste cocoa liquor, which mind you is not the alcoholic liquor which means in Italian but what is commonly called cocoa mass.

engineer and convinced that with an improver of its creation, the liquor comes to be less acidic.


the last glimpse at 17.00 all look at me waiting for me to say " good results and great value " but that I am a person who does not mince his words I can not refrain from saying ciòche I really think .... it seems to me ... me na strunzata.

explain better, not that you have not got a result, and that serves no what to do they wanted, if they want to lower the acidity of the product, first of all need to know what to buy and not buy anything that passes, the second must Concare at best and toast as I taught him (not that I'm a mentor .... but the result was remarkable and roasting)

greet engineer him to meet in Italy on the 27th, he is taking the plane to go along with Correa Merkel

the evening I propose a sauna in the company, I'm not very tired I might as well accept ... well let's see ....

Saturday, April 13th

I get up with mooooolta calm, and as a couple of mornings with me Wake up in a former school friend Barbara Tisot already for 4-5 days and put it in facebook and I'm one of his first friends, she apologizes Porelli always think of why bother, and sometimes actually chat with her politeness but my head is somewhere else, but like today when I have time I'm there an hour or so to tell him what to do in Latin America and ask what are you doing in life, and because when we went to school was a little sfigatella, not that I was a top (turnip), but now I find myself married with children, and this surprises me a little. She, however, and it was really a woman and yet gentle, ingambissima which I'm sure is a great loving and caring mother.

Oh well

breakfast with the usual cereals "farts" .... oops I forgot ... I had understood that the cereal like muesli, kornflakes etc etc were rich in fiber and did well to diet and body, will but the Filipino maid who draws me the room when it comes to 804 (my room) you put a gas mask that not even those in the 51 to put xfile.

Maybe I'm exaggerating, but maybe not because one hears his farts less than what others do.

the problem lies in the fact that the savory breakfast and I do not even like, and here you or the magni kornflakes farts or eggs, prawns, spicy cheese, toast one morning from shoes or a no muffing

Then we

so, tomorrow morning I'll take 2 muffing, I slip one in your pocket and take it in the room, then in the morning I take the coffee to take to your room and have breakfast so good for peace in my gut and the Philippines. (Filipino and not a derogatory term but that is just Filipino)


that are off I would like to throw out a bit of toxins going to the parque historico, are 15 km away, and a taxi will not cost me more $ 4 .... but decided to let me walk, so today no one is chasing me, I'm calm and even if it takes me a few hours is fine (so I'm going to "gas").

I put on the headphones again with Helium, I did not think they could become excellent traveling companions but their songs unlike many other more plays the most you like, the first 3 kilometers if they go whistling, then go into a dangerous area, the barrio, where the poor live, and especially many criminals, I feel the fear that I spoil him to steal something, besides just a few meters from where I'm walking years ago I attacked to take away my camera, I turn to the continuous increase in the pace and

30 minutes of hell, then, with his legs already a little sore from the pace, beginning to enjoy the road along the coast and leading to the park.

around us use less than 2 hours, with the big surprise that the park and with free admission, leave a few coins to help this part of Latin America that preserves indigenous culture

Park and the small but beautiful and there is even a reproduction of an old farm house of cocoa producers, the " jose reap ", with people in costume guzzling ugly glasses of rum.

Iguana, schimmie and some crocodile, but the meeting from which most Italian upsets me and the one with the staffelliano TAPIRO, well Certainly not as I expected gold to strip, not even bronze but that smelled like a sumo lottarore after 5000 I do not think its obstacles.

I take a taxi back, I call home and I feel my daughter Martha, the want a good soul I miss, I miss, and even Arianna and Anita sti ... phew children.

the evening I watch a couple of movies such cultur-documentaries-indignados-secret movie, those documentaries made by some nobodies (anonimous fact) that you reveal things like the NWO, the Tripartite, the BUILDENBERG GROUP, THE MASONS And let us not miss anything prophecies of Nostradamus, Malachy and black pope, tics ....

I prepare my suitcase tomorrow we leave for Esmeraldas.

Sunday, April 14th

even this morning I get up in calm, slow and well enjoyed breakfast and start to do the baggage transport, or rather part of the luggage, I'm leaving in a couple of days Esmeralda in the north of Ecuador, where the cocoa them and yet something of indigenous, not massed, I'm sure I'll find them finally totally cocoa plantations "criollo nacional". From the airport are 15 km away, but since yesterday I've done a little leg so I decided to walk my luggage and consists of only a backpack overloaded in which I was able to stay Nikon SLR camera, pc 15 inch, various chargers, 2 shirts, a sweater, 2 pairs of socks, 2 boxers one a little worn so let's say 1 boxer and a half, 2 apples without stalk, a towel swiped the hotel (which will report and when return), a pair of shoes, a jacket, field, my usual one with a thousand pockets.

arrival at the airport well in advance and I drink a carbonated water, after a while meeting Lorenzo, an Italian friend that will be Esmeralda with me, he would like that I began to trasformargli Cocoa and would like me to give him some advice on what to buy cocoa, in fact the tour belongs to us and more for him than for me

Arriava also Luis, an Ecuadorian who will accompany us visits of the fincas.

climb in the 50-seat ATR42 a small plane propeller, but I already know fairly well maintained what awaits me, these small aircraft in turbulence you toss at large, and in fact 320 km on the roadmap (invention) we take a vacuum to panic, Lorenzo pales stuffed with a smile, and perhaps taking a paresis, then I see that blinked and resumed color ..... " com and you know it with sti airplanes .... " I must say that I can comment just because its expression was sitting next to me and I could watch it, but I fear that my time was not different.

Next to me sits a boy ecuador - Argentine who tells me to be an engineer who works for the government and that is coming in Esmeraldas because it rained a lot and the government has sent humanitarian aid.

We spend a night at Hotel Marques, a real beauty considering where we are, but you know the coast and the coast and the sea always makes it that bit of tourism there for pennies to invest in the ports of receptivity.

Monday April 16th

last night I pulled hours later to see who won the elections in venezuela if Maduro or young Capriles, so I'm sleeping great when .... " grrrrr prrrrot stulf naf sciup sciup sciup and proooot ari "

Minchiaaaaa and and?? and sewer but who is human?, the bathrooms in the rooms are separated by a partition wall plaster which I think is as thick as a sheet of toilet paper, in fact, the first thing I think and " and who and I entered the bathroom, "a little groggy from sleep, a little disgusted I can not understand where it comes from this hygienic crash.

I get sad, I approach the bathroom armed with a remote control ready to give head and turn on the light .... and I understand that the other side ..... and start bussargli in the fake wall, but he increases so much that I think that sooner or later some piece of intestine pulls it out in force to push .....

ends after 10 minutes .... peace on earth and in my room, maybe it will be supervening the peace of mind for him but now this news is not much shakes me, we'll see up there and I turn on the bed!

breakfast and made a lot of delicious fresh fruits, I eat pineapple perhaps the best of my life and this gives me a great charge, after a 2 hour drive we arrive at the canton Oroverde, where we expect the co-op "eloy wing . ro ", managed by Patricio before and now by" Sino " nickname for the clear Chinese origins of the type

What I see now I do not like .......


mica and died meter ... I'm writing my next room and fully embrace feco gastro-intestinal

oh well

resume, I said I do not like what I see are drying the cocoa with the gas dryers but they are putting 60 cm and with a moisture great, here will not be able to achieve quality needless deaths, finally after 24 hours when Luis not we caught a lot of talking about quality we have the same ideas, consoles me, at least not just to point out how to work a good cocoa.

we go from "eloy alfaro" at the center of acopio Patricio, this center de acopio and very small, and was donated to them by "Cafiesa", but they work very well, except for 2 batches of cocoa, one that he knew more clearly the cheese moldy else has a pleasant taste and many beans are white and criolle.

Patricio then leads us to "Quinindé" where we visit "cocepe", a cooperative but except the beautiful historic posters hanging on the wall made by Anecacao, where they say the principles of good cocoa " maximum 3% violeta beans, or mildew% ... etc what we see and quality very low, I cut short after the first 5 words, I understand now that it is not an issue of the means or knowledge not here and not give anything to improve even as in our case having a customer that pays better.


discuss a bit about the possibility to buy a small piece of land to make a "finca experimentally" in order to teach them how to work the cocoa

evening with Mexican hamburgers and fried yuca

Tuesday April 17th

Today we

it a quick visit to "aproca", which is located here in "Atacames", we take a scooter that I can not even describe, a kind of bee with the chair in the bin

We find them

juan, a young farmer who amazes me, make me cocoa which had been sent to Italy months before and I had discarded bad, but I'm seeing the great re-evaluating their product.

At 11 we

the plane of TAME to return to Guayaquil, Machala to take them to visit "urocal", the cooperative which in my opinion a very good cocoa, the road and nearly 4 hours long and I fall asleep a while looking out the window plantations ccn51, on waking we are already out of the office "urocal," but what I see and not what I would see, everything desolately empty, there is cocoa, what is c they're turning with brooms .... but who the hell they are doing.

We sit

offer us an orange and stunned while we listen to them we may be partakers of the human tragedy they are experiencing, their director Maurizio he went 1 month ago and being a centralist when he left them not told them what to do and how do so, and a bit like a bus driver one day leave the driving to one of the passengers just because was present every day on the bus ..... they had them but they were coordinated by Maurizio

Humanly speaking, I am really impressed, but I do not know if I'm up to help in a real way, in the meantime I extract from my backpack at the last chocolates I had brought from Italy to give it to a friend and give it to them hoping that this visit I can somehow help them.

back I buy some cocoa seedling to take her to Italy, I take 4 0.50 cents each and everyone looks at me bewildered .. not so much because it is difficult to grow cocoa in a climate like the Italian one, but because (Showing the sign of the crossed hands - handcuffs) think that the airport put me away!

evening and I start the cravings typical of pregnancy, and to be honest given the growing increase my girth (that I grew up with the film shawartzenegher and De Vito where a man was left pregnant) a doubt assails me

Feel like mashed potatoes, yes, well with pepper and a little olive oil. I ask a portion " abundante " but I am barely tickled, " a mas por favor .... "

Wednesday April 17th

Today we return to the factory to make a last bref on how to proceed in the coming months in order to get to have the new building ready for September.


already everyone loves me and I feel it, a girl from the commercial before me a big hug and greet me with a little voice tells me that we need not abandon your experience

am happy with this experience, in fact, and among other things I could not even find a few cars for the school that maybe buy the budget and certainly by 9/10

I still have the right night to meet a friend "campesino" with which we are doing an experiment with sodium bisulfate to ensure that the cocoa fermentation retains much of the polyphenols epicatechin

Thursday 18 - Friday 19

I travel, I look at a little Italian election of the new president between an airport and the other is the Guayaquil and Panama where I will refrain Newyork for a few days.

I can not refrain dall'esultare for the defeat in the first round of Marino, my favorite and I overspend.

After a short passage to Panama, arriving at 00:35 in Newyork, stevia and cocoa trees, and I know how they are here for customs, it takes pià 3 hours to go through customs, there are already destroyed, but since it is dawning obviously to save meditate not to go to bed now but to take advantage of the awakening of the Big Apple, a magical moment wherever you are

And here they instill control, I declare that I am uncertain plant in your suitcase or I hope will fit me ... I decided to declare, not joking here, but here is the stroke of genius of the 3 in the morning, I have in the backpack apples and bananas " please open your baggage ' only do I open the backpack with very cooperative, I try to make them understand that not capsisco English in a way that does not make me a lot of questions, the kind high 1.90 kidnaps me apples and tells me .... "this way"

how?? are letting me go, I'm sbigottitissimo, there is the've done right here, now I want to leave the big suitcase in the luggage because I do not want to bring back to New York, but when arriving at the airport luggage tell me they want to open it to check, and that I should take a picture.

I start posing but ponder " maybe this alert someone? " I put my hand in my face just in time flash and run away, looking away, so I called, and the tension high, but I put in the bathroom for 30 minutes where I'm feeling fall in the toilet several times in the digestion of my neighbors, as well as efforts worthy Exorcist 4. suitcase and broken but I can not go to the complaints, I would open everything, then with wheels and handle to pieces before I take the subway "

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