Ecuador - Newyork, sometimes the "bad luck" becomes an opportunity

This journey starts long before the flight date, nearly a week

reconstruct the facts, it a cold Friday in November, we are a few days from the start of the busy schedule and I combine the training course for the opening of our new franchise store, inside of me already I know it would not have the time but Antonella and David should open in a few rounds and without training I would not lead them into a new business venture

Corro, temporized and I run, I do a thousand things and nothing, between a story and a lesson I return here and 5 minutes to do the things that I absolutely have to do before you leave after the fact, at 15, they are going to go home and I run to the roaster accendermi in the lab, Angela has just finished crossing the mop, coming with a rush worthy of the bolt (version mammout course) I bend aerodynamically to run even more to the roaster, curve to the right, then left and right again, here we are all'allungo final and .... and ... swith, Blem TOCK BONF

fall tumbling to the ground

I lose my senses for a while about 10 seconds, I get up and start to wonder if I still have the memory, if I remember the name of my mother, if I remember what I ate at noon, with widespread pain intercostal, and perhaps not only a blow anything, we go forward


minutes pass and start dolorarmi his head more and more strong strong, evil, by going to the emergency room.


6 hours of hospitalization tac 2 and a diagnosis is not very good, blunt head trauma with injury of the left ear

it did not, apart from the pain now traveling in Ecuador gets complicated, the doctor tells me that it would be appropriate to take the plane because the pressure in landing it could cause damage. ask the doctor to be seen the day before departure hoping tell me " the old " 're good to go, go with God, and instead to 5 days, the hematoma is not back now the decision is up to me alone.

Wednesday 14th November

Let's start with Angela and Ramona at 4:00 to Venice, it goes fast, but when we arrive at the airport something unusual, my flight does not appear in the monitor, ask for explanations, but no one knows anything and open information counters at 6.00

PANIC, Angela Ramona and meanwhile make the check-in is coming to check luggage, I'm still there the pole to argue with the clerk of IBERIA (2 arms stolen from the mine ... because only a big head so that he could do). The minutes pass and even start counting the seconds my flight been canceled because of a strike of the employees at the airport in Madrid, I just have to see how to go about starting the same, when an angel named Jasmine I will pour from the front, she is the head of which Air France has heard of my smile at each other and with 99 teeth, one had lost a child, he invites me to his desk, let us talk about all the possible connections to leave, Amsterdam-London-Caracas and Rio De Janeiro but nothing to do, I have to leave tomorrow, I resign myself and no confidence a bit, you know a person of my country and tells me to salutargliela, we continue

j " 're married "

m " you and you '? "

j " I also with three sons "

m " but the three girls .... I pariamone "

... ..


the story of the great eagerness that I would have to take the airbus a380-80 0, while making many flights this is the only plane I still miss and little detail is most largest in the world.

Jasmine turns on and thrown back to the computer .... " and if I did Paris - NewYork - Ecuador "

Great, my pilgrimage turns suddenly into a honeymoon flight to Ecuador via New York with the a380

But then

when arriving in New York, the bad luck rekindles his fog to look for the best and the flight to Guayaquil is canceled and reprojected after 8 hours

Guayauil November 15th

After 38 hours around the world arrive, waiting for David Campoverde, the driver of which John already escorted me more for some time, brings me to the hostel where as soon as I open the door and hear my cadence vaguely mountain Ramona and Angela they throw me in the neck " finally you came .... "

Let's be honest, for a 'warm reception so I could stay around even a few more hours by

do not have time to say goodbye because the best this delay must be recovered, already in the early afternoon we depart for Milagro, where we go to find friends Unocace, they take the cocoa for the members of Fine Chocolate, and we realize now we get to be in the right time and the right place, this period is the period of maximum crop and the center of acopio of Unocace and really under stress, they do not know to put out to dry cocoa, there are gas dryers beans spilling everywhere.

We see that

Unocace is expanding, is building a huge battery of fermentation and thus also a large nursery, we go with Victor to talk about business, the first thing they ask is to reduce the weight of the bags, the bag of 69 kg and almost impossible to raise, the better because even a 50 kg in this way when I arrived in Italy, just open it and throw it all in the roaster .... 50 kg are the right of my Petroncini.

Let's go see also the finca of Victor Hugo, that nothing but the whole of the national cocoa, Ramona and Angela cabossa their first touch of cocoa, barely hold back the emotion but when I tell him to taste " baba " mucillago of pods Ramona makes a disgusted face, "but I have tasted this thing ... and all slimy " us over a little joke with some double meaning but I do manage to convince Angela

Let's go back to where

Milagro with Carlos who accompanied us in motion visit a center where de acopio ago unocace of sightseeing tours, they would like me to teach women to produce a bit of chocolate, so at the end of the tour, tourists could buy something made them at home, but there are a lot of troubles, the first point I return on Monday, according to them there is no point really nothing .....

I do leave the number and I think a bit, actually, not just'm going to get in the car and come back in behind " you " you can do not know yet but as usual invent something

I have to say that if life has taught me anything, and their art of getting by, improvising, finding the solution to the 'last will and so is also a time.

We come back later, all a bit 'Stanchini, 2 steps 2 and go to bed on the malecon

FRIDAY November 16th

Despite all my sleep time zone I care, at 4 am with the Pop-Up Eyes, cute like a deer in the spring, greeting Barbara fooling around on the internet and a bit , here at 8:00 am David, who plays for us to come and get 'DREAMKAPURE hostel, a place not bad.

leave for Babahoyo, the streets have been redone recently, and this is one of the merits of President Correa, but to see Ramona and Angela a bit of Creole life, we leave the main road to do all the villages. At the third butcher with hanging all quarters of bloody meat with 10 flies gnats 36 and a Parian Caymans stuck on Angela faints, I do not have time to throw to her mouth-to-mouth wakes up (I know that the bad luck has turned even the rear fog now) certainly Angela and strong spirit but weak stomach.

arrive at the center of acopio Babahoyo, that made possible thanks to our collaboration, the center is a good point, just missing the small but I think the next container we can work here.

We are also

with Freddy, we have to talk with him about many things, we decided there and then to go to San Jose del tambo to see the center of the cocoa acopio who worked until now, and they finally understand why cocoa that comes to us is often a little too acidic, it will dry out with all the gas dryers and in doing so the cocoa does not lower its acidity, we urge him not to do more such a thing, finally after months I have seen the mistake and now let's just hope it does not happen again, that artificially dried it can sell to other buyers but not us, for us this quality and too low, no matter the price it is important to that cocoa is at the top.

Let's go downtown to City Hall to meet Karla Chavez, the alcaldessa.

pass 10 then 20 to 30 minutes, 1 hour and also the second after 3 hours when the lady finally gets there, that is to say which has a normal political life full of things to do but when 3 people are on the other side of the ocean ....

speak especially of the possibility to send 2 kids to study in Italy in our academy of chocolate, it seems very interested

return even more tired yesterday but the malecon of salado waiting for us, with its fountain full of lights, the university students and karaoke, karaoke already, well we are 1000 miles from home, the worst that can happen is if we sing badly a tomato in the face.

I try to convince Angela and Ramona nothing to do but do not want to, then we go for something to eat, but my desire to sing is not likely to quell insist with two friends to the point where my knees.

The only song that we all know and that has the kind of karaoke and Happiness Albano, Bob Sinclair but not really enough to play

Angela has the song in Italian on her mp4 and so I transcribe the whole of a piece of white toilet paper now can no longer stand back

We approach the head of karaoke and ask him to put the song Albano but he tells us that they are singing the last song, Nooooooooooooo that bad luck, David manages only to make a short song (because he knows the girl karaoke) dedicated to two daughters who travel with us (I feel that I'm starting to hold the snot)


go to bed ancheggi

Saturday, November 17 (Morro)

Wake up at 8:00 we are with John at the restaurant " chicharron " a bistro where you finally do a serious and plump breakfast with John we have to talk about so many things that to go to visit his finca we decide to change a little the structure of the car, I with John and Ramona with David and Angela ... heheheLlui, John has just bought a Ford Explorer, a gorgeous car that if it were marketed in Italy would take it for sure, but come on his plantation in effect more cocoa that we only see Mango, 12 hectares of mango

Although very interesting, I wonder if there was no need to waste a day to see an endless expanse of mango, but then as soon as Sergio open another to let us taste .... ahhhh that pleasure this effect had only given me the 'pineapple before, a unique and indescribable.

We welcome John and head to the beach, now we decide that for half a day's work can wait

Tired of feeling in the ears Latin music, Angela pulls out his mp4 and as if by magic we are to sing out loud " happiness " Albano, "Italy" Mino Reitano .... oh my God!

arrive at the port of Morro, a swamp aquitrinosa , I thought the sea was pretty calm me ..... in fact we are all here to see the dolphins.


We get on a boat and leave behind the stench of this place, "fast fast away from this slime"

After 30 minutes of sailing we hear the engines shut down, the gordito tells us to be quiet .... " ahi estan los Delfinos " we now we'll finally see the dolphins.


half an hour and nothing, not even the yellow fin tuna in a box, but then in the distance we see a stunt in the air, tail flapping on the water and a loud cry them ... here they are at the bottom of the start run and pi § § run us more do they, too, are beautiful gorgeous 1-2-4 5, 5 dolphins that are swimming next to us

A wonderful experience

hours pass and the sun goes down we are still there with the little boat to turn it on ourselves to divert the course of the dolphins and watch them jump. We come back later and I fish they eat ice cream without a license will be tomorrow better

Sunday, November 18


We wake up at 7:00 we go to see the Guaranda Salinerito a manufacturing plant built by an Italian priest.

We are already far from Guayaquil when a flash takes me .... 18 ..... 18 ..... 18 ...... David stops the car!

go down I look at my plane ticket back " DICK! And today! " But how could I be wrong, back to back run scoured we have little time

All my teammates look at me amazed, I'm amazed I had not ever make a mistake so bad and luckily I found out


hostel, flight and suitcase at check-in done by the Holy Spirit

You go to New York

The flight

an incredible night's sleep, not even the smell of a good devilled chicken wakes me

arrive in New York at 9 pm, I got myself a day's time to visit the city that never sleeps

I take the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge and descend through the walk, then the 4th up to Grand Central and connect to Time Square, 23.00 s ono in 'navel of the world and despite being a navel and very very cold

I am very doubtful whether to take or not a hotel, minutes pass and I look at them in astonishment at the " core of the Big Apple "

Don-Don - Don is 1.00 of night begin to close all, the only hotel that I see around me are a Sheraton and Crowne Praza, I look and I can see the message " $ 250 " , On ..... spin .... I do not know what they were referring to but I think it was the price of the room

decide that " to be passed to Nutt " and then I divide between " the Europain " and the " mc donalds " I dozed off here and there, do not spend more hours, I'll eat a tuna sandwich and as soon as I'm about to finish I feel that maybe I hurt you

I take incredible cramps in the abdomen, " shit " the tuna was rotten, the continuation of the day and a tale blood and tears, cramps and pains "Aulin" and "oki", try the all, I have a mad desire to get around the city but the pain overwhelms me, I stop just to take a blueberry muffing to take my wife, she when we were on our honeymoon here ate it every morning, will not be a great thought, but in these conditions the only thing that I could take home the bag of alternative and courtesy of the aircraft " FULL "



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