The long, the short and the Milanese

June 28, 2013

with me at the airport my old dad, I'd love to take it out once to take him to see how the world works, and he stra full of clichés and I do not want to convince him of anything else, I like to talk with him and to think that one day I will remember these moments

Together with my father

c 'is Also my daughter Arianna, but she'll take me on, soon perhaps already from 1 month to go in Honduras.

flight I have booked with Iberia and I already know that will not be the best, in fact, starts immediately hurt my trolley say that genes and too big for their overhead bins and then if I want to take the second case I have to take on the modest sum of € 75.

Up to Madrid okay, but then the trip to New York and a dip in the 80's, we fly with an Airbus 340 very old, just think that it has not even a monitor throughout the plane, the journey never ends, no video, no song, then I do not are not even downloaded some music on the new phone.

Arrival at JFK, and now as usual I salt a little tension because I'm afraid that I may open their suitcases and kidnap me samples, but the cabal me right once again. (Message to mariners oranges that once again you will not have to take me in jail ... do not throw it that sooner or later I put it away and throw the key)

Check the

Yothel and I struggle to understand whether it is a night club, a motel or something, dim lights, loud music and someone always behind you.

sure that New York City has become really gay par excellence, now it is hard to see a straight couple, however I do not mind if they are not too chic fric tric trac as the 2 in front of me to make the Check-in is fine by me.

June 29th

day of relaxation, I arrived 1 day ahead of my schedule, I can in fact after a trip to see where my booth at the fair to give me a ride in the big apple to eat a paninazzo hamburgherone American, to me 2 steps on 7 th avenue to central park and relax in the pit of time square listening to Giovanni Allevi.

the evening among other things I have to meet her daughter Leila dell'ingieniere Carvajal, what I'm going find after New York


do not know but if it is like his father, a man around 'a piece, I'm sure I'll like it .


sound in the room, is you go down fast, I want to give the impression of being a dynamic person despite my size.

Bella, nothing to say that a beautiful woman who reminds me of a friend of mine in Venezuela, let's talk for a while, and I realize that Spanish for me and really much more simple English, speaking Spanish I can almost speak my mother tongue.

evening meeting also Emanuela and Alessandro.

June 30th

Fancy begins today, and I do not want to get a good mountain for last, and so I do most an hour before the entrance of the fair still closed, we set up the booth and the first day we spend well, not many people to tell the truth but still excellent feedback for my products and for those of Leila.

In reality

we are looking for an importer, a person who takes from us the product and distribute it throughout the 'North America.

But on the first day does not bring us good fortune, in the evening we go to eat in down town to the 13 st in a little place called " fig and olive " So when I called a local figure, I do not think immediately to cool (the result that the restaurant puts in many of their preparations) but I think of one other thing, well, a little ashamed of myself as well, but you can not pull the neck for this reason, to ban the false morality llillipuzziani and perpetual, the perpetual nay no.

were saying, Fig indeed even the shadow I turn to the right and I see 2 gay men dressed as marines but without pants and with only his underwear, to the left and in front of a Brazilian trans 2 Naked Cowboy 100% that they had to cover themselves in front strumming a mandolin with which some bad song bruce Spreensting

10,11, ... 12 .... 25 .... now I've lost count of how many gay couples I see around me, then I realize they are in full gay pride and say that I'm quite out of place here .

Me slam, rest of them laughed under my thick mustaches,

Dinner is not that great, and naenche the famous "Fig" to revise ....

July 1

today we got up quietly, and even if the time harassing me like it a little nap, the show goes very well today, I finally find a gentleman that Alan Voss who has plans of setting up a company that distributes chocolate throughout North America, so he said, and the king of cheeses, for over 30 years and the undisputed leader on cheeses imported from Europe.


the story of my company more he is amazed,

"we produce all the chocolate from bean to bar" WOWWWWWWWWW .....

here and feel the music starts inside of slide guitar guns n roses "blue sky"

epic day, if we do half As we said in turn.

evening and a pleasure Argentine refreshed, I want to see how much food contains groped my stomach and I eat really a mess, all very good, but good, as good as that of my mother (in the words of the spot 90 years).

July 2

traveling, I get up early with breakfast and 1 muffing a caffettaccio, greeting Emanuela, but before you get on the subway and I will bring to "Jamaica Station" I decide to make an attack on the Chinese

do not know if you've ever said, but for some years is part of the shoes that I wear always buy in a shop on the 34 st close to the metro station of Penn.

The fact is that the last time I took a pair of shoes " party " as they say in my part of the skin and browsed immediately.

Scene " by the Chinese in the shop, ask him politely to rifondermi the latest shoes that are ruined after "just 8 km walk. And of course refuse them handsomely, and they drop the ace .... THEN CALL THE POLICE .... nonononononononononononono the police not give me a new pair of shoes really beautiful, before they change with idea to do a little annoyed I'm leaving.


satisfaction, but satisfaction bastardy.

I take the subway and go fast, they are also a bit in Riardo, and then I do not know what is good the terminal because is time I flew with Iberia but now from New York to go to ecuador I direct flights to Miami and as far as I Iberia does not operate the route between New york Miami.

I can not believe, and he, the plane of steel, finally after years of air travel is a dream coming true I take a plane of '"american airline," all those planes silver steel color, after the dream of fly the airbus a380 (for another dream already done several times) was another dream of mine to 10,000 meters

In reality

there would still be a desire, and is called the Concorde, but I think the plane by moving the beak I can see only in museums.

The flight, however, and has a longish other thing that amazes me " wifi on board " .

not let me miss anything wrong side even a glass of orange juice on his pants but my neighbor and a lovely person (after the juice even more) and allows me to still live on this earth.

Miami landing and beautiful views, and the airport is not bad, I magio a bagel before taking the next flight to the Ecuadorian time, where instead of muffing, Donuts, Bagels and burgher me it Platano, so plane tree.

I'm going to get close to the gate D24 Miami airport to catch the flight to Guayaquil when my ears hear something unexpected

" tenemo 4 person que no puede tomar the avion " in short, they had sold 6 more seats than those permitted, and luckily for them 2 people had withdrawn the last 4 instead and did not know where her butt.

Guess who was between 4 four? Myself, and offer a clear apology to offer me dinner and hotel in Miami tomorrow and the flight to Guayaquil, everything would mean losing a day's work in Ecuador but the reward and a $ 1,000 voucher to spend on a plane ticket.

This could be the perfect opportunity to have a flight in the most to give to my daughter Arianna to finally take her first time with me, or at least a flight and more paid.

July 3

after a good night's sleep on the Marmolada (or at least at the same temperature as the powerful air conditioner that I can not spoendere)'m torn whether to go out for a ride to Miami or whether to stay and work in the room, in Italy there is a zone of 6 hours and then decide not to decide, or at the hotel in the morning, afternoon wandering around Miami

Before you step out of the hotel half an hour talking with Carlos Fernando eduardo pintero Velazques, José Ribeiro etc etc (I know .... not his name but I can not remember) he and a know-all, or so it defines him, he knows everything, even him and all played ball in the Ecuadorian Serie A, he works for apple ..... in short, absolutely a person to meet one more time before he died, but a maximum and not more.

Miami and just as you imagine, beautiful beaches and written by who knows how much American TV series " Miami beach "

I'm not much, I have with me my suitcase and then not even change to bathe in the ocean, but I just, I go back to the airport four hours before my flight and who I find myself waiting for my friend carlos henry luis adelante (I think I still have the wrong name, but in essence he always honey extractor) attacks me a spiel as they say in Rome that not even my mother-in-law when he defends his daughter would come to that.

some time that does not invoke the angels and all the saints because help me in something, perhaps the last vote was pending in middle school, and having spent a 6 tiratissimo I pretend not to have finished all the credit to the heavenly creatures.

For example I could make that some bacteria contained in that sandwich you're eating is real sweaty and sticking his best part to a toilet for a couple of Oretta, or that I could pardon him with a thunderbolt against a sister repented and give so fatal to the eternal love couple.

No, my friend, but I do not stove heater

and finally time to go

bye bye Miami

July 4th

9 picks me up in a little while Felix and finally we're going to take my friend and fellow adventure Anthony, who has a house in Samborondon more precisely Entre Rios

soon as I arrive at work (factory guayaquil to which I am doing a consultancy) all immediately welcomed me very well, on the other hand are now really at home here in Ecuador

After a brief visit in which I do see the work they have done since the last time and how they are following the advice that I gave him to me immediately to an office where I can work in peace to better monitor the work we are doing In fact I want to do a detailed confirmation report daily all my time I'll stop here in Ecuador.

eat a typical comida, chicken and rice, I already know that the next few days I will feed almost only Platano and then I eat this meal gladly welcome.

afternoon we meet at last the engineer with whom we plan to better the weeks to follow, and the work to be done in europe

This factory is putting me in all their expectations to create a market in Europe and even though this is a responsibility large (they have the will to do within 3 years 5.000.000 € turnover) I do not subtract, and I am sure that I will give the maximum.

evening the engineer invited us to dinner at an Italian restaurant, run by a sick of Turin in Italy, and he very good and professional and this again makes me think of Italy as well as losing competitiveness ; Economic competitiveness is losing even intellectual, and in fact I eat more good bucatini Amatriciana of my life.

July 5

is now in full swing, we get to work very soon we expect the selection of 60 tons of cocoa from which to identify the best 3 tonnallate to proceed with the trial.

soon as I arrive there are already 3 trucks waiting to download I get there, the first few games are crap, all ccn51, poorly worked with the tips here and mold, pass the hours and what comes does not improve, up to to one that finally a fantastic lighting a lot of cacao nacional arriba, I do put aside but not too soon because I want to see how it is

I turn on the toaster, are esaltatissimo up to 120 degrees, load the cocoa in the tower for cleaning and very intense three hours away, I keep opening the oven roaster to see to what extent is cocoa, I feel like I'm taking care of a child.


3 tons that I have selected and continue to tostarsi macinarsi I explain how to use the guillotine to Antonio, not that object Renaissance to kill heretics, no, the guillotine and a tool that is used to cut the cocoa into 2 parts so you can see inside the stone and to assess whether well-brewed if you have problems or not.

cocoa is perfuming the whole factory and people look at me without speaking, but by their looks I understand that a scent so they had never heard.

But the surprises do not end there, finally after years I can hold in your hand a cake of cocoa.

Even here, the cocoa cake is not the nice thing granny duck prepares for her grandchildren, no not really, the cake or cocoa panel and what is left from the pressing of cocoa, I'll explain a bit what happens:

The cocoa mass is put into a press and that not more than a cylinder within which passes a piston that pushes the mass to the bottom of the cylinder, where, and placed a filter that passes only butter cocoa and cocoa and a bit similar to what happens with the pressing of the olives if you have them.

I do not have a machine to separate the cocoa butter from the cocoa and the only other car that I saw were always impossible to approach, but today I picked up this cake cocoa EMOTION pure state

In the evening take a walk on the malecon enhanced with Antonio, but just when we think that everything is quiet there happens that we leave on foot, he had to coordinate with felix Elisabeth to come and pick us up and not come. Incazzatura

July 6

today and the annual sports day, all the people who work in the factory make a ball game, and I like good Italian Antonio there and we're going to subtract us a ride to the camp, just hoping that some team is short of players to give 2 kicks.

Here we are at the pitch

"caglierita ', we get closer to the time that we are meeting immediately comforted her shirt.

Ops and an M, I maybe this could bring the 30 kg ago, as a thing between friends and ask if I can play with my stuff and since I am a ' Alien scuadra " willingly accept

What I still do not know that both me and Anthony are scarce, he seems Filini in the legendary ball game with Fantozzi and other accountants who work by Duke Earl of large croc, figl to put etc etc ... but I not only look like but I feel Fantozzi.

Ends 5 to 1, for others, sadly, return to the hotel, I must have made a false step and I have an incredible pain in the leg and back pain


I cool it more I feel bad, every 10 minutes I bent 1 cm toward the ground, I'm walking worse than my grandfather when he was 90 years old.

Let's take a brief tour but now I have to go back and lie down, I'm bad back and it seems to me completely still being located paralysis.

making us confident that everything will adjust over some sleep.

Before going into the room I put forward a few minutes to meet with Luis and coordinate the next container of cocoa that has to start from my piangioni in July to get to the end of August just in time to start work in September of our chocolate .

June 7

The pain is not past at all, and at 9 am at most I have to go away with Freddy to go to make a Milagro experiment with fermentation of sodium bisulfate to have well fermented cocoa, it is rich in antioxidants and finally tell the world that chocolate is good for the world

I'll call the doctor on call for injecting a horse that will allow me to go with Freddy, today and Sunday, and the duty doctor if you take it easy, arrives just in time before I got into the car, a puncture on the fly but it will not ; effect before 2-3 hours

I make a trip piegatissimo, at some point I pull Freddy to take a stick to help me unload the weight from the back in order to be able to walk.

Now I look like Moses

by Fantozzi, long beard, large tonnage and stick .... I'm tasting a hint of how it will be my old age.

arrive at Milagro and with deep regret that we note the cocoa that we must begin to work to make the test and already " scurrido " ie without mucillago, this does not allow us to start a fermentation in the best way, makes me a little angry, but they are so .... you say one thing and do another, the only valid reason of the day and that I find a mature sycamore along the road to catch and eat me

July 8

today and the day of the Titans, the seventh day of creation, I can say it is because I am writing this diary now chesono 2 in the morning of July 9, or the next day

18 hours of hard work, and chocolate right into her panties

The day starts well, finally found waiting for me a croissant (never before seen in ecuador) in pure French style

Gia alle10 we are starting to pulverize the sugar to start making chocolate, the production line and still a big mess here but I reassure everyone that " trabajo bien hecho compagnero " namely that the work was done right

fact, after 10 minutes we are polverizando sugar to make it more Fine aggregate chocolate breaks a seal of the mill and basically I feel like one of those knick knacks that when you turn down the snow, here are just swamped with 50 kg of powdered sugar, a kind of snowman speaker. Michelin have this?

The problems usually come in pairs and not alone .... but I did not think they came in pairs or 6 -8 in a single day that we could have more than 14 - 15 serious problems to produce

1 outbreak gasket sugar mill = snowman

2 tubes that carry the cold hard chocolate = defecating

3 cupiglia closure of the mill consumed = crying chocolate

4 tower loading sugar packed tambourines =

5 engine with a few horses to mix alvaro 2 tons = 0.5 hp

because I wrote this crap, because me to Antonio will laugh when we see written in some time, if someone wanted to give her an explanation ready ;)

continuing with the serious things, the mixer does not have the heating system and this means that we must continue with a blowtorch to heat the walls of the mixer, the mill at 7 pm (hours of fatigue giìàa acute) Iniza to tears by cupigila that chocolate and consumed.

Time passes fatigue is felt.

are 23.00 and after 15 hours we try to do with chocolate are still the mixture to 50 microns without heating the mixer and without gas blowtorch

Desolation maximum, we have to remove the product from the mixer and place it again in the unfinished heated silos to start again tomorrow morning all over again

October 9

I already know

that today will be another day of fire, and in fact so is, we are all undone psiclogicamente so that the barriers that separate us (cultural, role etc et) fall like ripe pears.

gentle giant, a black 210 cm starts to throttle crap shoot, and I do not have the less I say, everyone laughs but the chocolate does not go forward.

Finally at 2 pm after a meal in the cafeteria unexpected (based on fettucine al pesto) start the sequence again

TORREDI CONTROL HUSTON: alpha charle ready for the sequence

ALPHA CHARLE: yes control tower

CONTROL TOWER HUSTON: Turn on the reactor (in this case the mills)

ALPHA CHARLE: ready control tower

CONTROL TOWER HUSTON: Turn on the pump

ALPHA CHARLE: ready control tower

ALPHA CHARLE: huston we have a problem

ALPHA CHARLE: lose chocolate from the left side huston

ALPHA CHARLE: huston huston huston

CONTROL TOWER HUSTON: but what the heck and alpha charle or how the hell you call it but after 24 hours we continue with the same problems? Then six of crock.

In short

at 8 pm we begin to refine seriously trouble-free chocolate satisfaction there, but it is a bit like the satisfaction of those who make the marathon in Newyork and after 10 km take a taxi to see how fact and the arrival pays $ 20, down from the taxi, take a photo under the banner with the bib and the post on facebook,


ask Chavez to continue refining all night until the morning we get back.

Alvaro tells us checil Tuesday night and day national pizza (in ecuador?) that costs half the pizza.

Let's go to

" Riocentre " and we eat a couple of pizzas in the head with a bottle of 7up to digest, the pizza was disgusting but I could not remember the 7up so good.

Return taxi shower and Filmon on youtube (after 2 minutes already asleep)

sin that does not give clear replication of last coop, the German cop, are not fond of the show, but that's really cool

June 10th

once again for breakfast dell 'hotel amazes me, waiting for me this morning a pan of warm potatoes really delicious, has a shape reminiscent of a suppository and a bit worries me go to my mouth and a similar object but who cares really yummy

First of all I have to go to bring 'airport my suitcase because I realized that all smashed and the last flight, I remain amazed by the service " american airline "without flinching give me a new suitcase, and a certain chinoiserie in Italy but I would have settled for" the company is not liable for these damages " in Italy do not respond even if a suitcase is crushed under a truck, eto honest in Italy do not respond just hours hanging from the switchboard custumer care to wait for someone else to take up that phone.


glad of the 'beginning of the day we take a small passage in Cafiesa where we expect a chocolate throughout the night and was Concato, this that does not make the man makes the time recited an ancient Hindu proverb, and in fact after 12 hours of conching the chocolate and outstanding.

Since there is not much to do today we go to experience them a try cocoa brewing it for the best, that we had to do the other day with Freddy in Milagro.

After an hour of travel we Deseo AL, a suburb of milagro, and without him we expected there are 1000 cocoa pods of them that are waiting to be opened

to arrive and I thought that cocoa was already in "baba" and instead we must arm ourselves with "machete" and start " cortar Mazorca "


few other times I had opened cocoa, but it's time and truly exceptional, all pure cocoa National arriba de ecuador, I'm happy as a child when you give him patting the butt (to be honest I do not know whether to be happy .. )

we get a little less than an hour for sure. after which begin a trial with copper sulfate and an additive in more I'll let you do not, I can not say that it is a natural way of fermenting cocoa, but here we are in the field of pure and lawful trial and everything (since we do not have mice living)

we also do an experiment with the damn ccn51, putting the pineapple pulp because radically lower astringency due to its enzymes, this technique I learned from a little boy just graduated in gìGuayaquil last of which I have read thesis laura and left me thrilled by the great wisdom and resourcefulness

In the evening we return early, at 7 already are in the hotel and saw that the dough yesterday put me desire, ask a pesto pasta and vegetables ..... wonderful


is that if I keep plantain plantain so do not eat porprio.

Thursday 11

  1. I wake up with a little peckish, but not my own hunger and more fancy a roast chicken with potatoes, AMBROSE ........ portame at least one plate of pizzocheri, so just to put something in your teeth before breakfast.

    After a hearty breakfast and 10 minutes of intense toilet, leave for work, today's the day includes problems, or melgar provides for many other things but what and certainly that and now that there will be difficulties.

    product that has been running all night between the refiner and the basin is goodie but not the best because we did it with beans not the quality I wanted, so I decided to mix my yesterday with that of today and finish this first birth with a chocolate that is definitely not 75% or even bad.

    each passing day I am gaining more and more authority, I see that although I have my real employees, or I'm not the director increasingly start to listen to what I tell him, maybe I'm gaining their respect.

    the evening I decide to make a splurge, take a noodle restaurant at the hotel, you know those movies where you comes with a forkful of all the pasta dish, just be here and so, instead of practically cut it with a breadstick as the river sea tuna I have to take a knife (not like those pizza without teeth) and sharp sporzionarmi this pudding pasta.

Friday 12

today hopefully finally begin to put into the cartons the finished product, and in fact so, and already at 10, and with more authority to ask Rosales to put myself in cartons or bags the best in the chocolate into small pieces, all now finally seems to be going right I feel that I have a team that works for me and a little at a time the products are well, the microbiological response is giving me reason.

I move a little more in the choice of cocoa, put myself right at the exhaust of the truck, my god cocoa good will come very shortly, from the super-humid with more 14% of what he does pee chicken, choose 300 tons of cocoa to make the second session, in the midst of all this, it seems a firm

Lot of Mr. Garofalo, endorsed, approved batch of Mr. Gutierrez, Ms. Lourdes lot, and maybe better than before bringing another batch of cocoa in france so go to hell or go swimming in the pools of 'little town .

At the end of day after almost vomited 3 times I can choose 246 tons, and less of what I need to fill a contariner chocolate ended up Italy, but I can not mix the quality I'm looking for some crap.


start to do the first 5 pallets of chocolate to 75% and incellofanarli, very good, in the evening progresses and even today we do the small hours, cabbage come here to run a group and I find myself doing almost all the work alone, I'm tired, satisfied, but tired.

What increasingly I understand their mindset and that not change even to die, I'm not stupid I would say very intelligent, but they do not want to do a shit.

I take a picture with the 23's at night, so you can testify that all'ingeniere in ghana and now that I'm here doing the square deck

return in a taxi that seems to come out fast and furious 8, what must still be done, one whose plot tells of a group of prevented with machines that run all scassatissime 100 per hour for the find my child ( cit gianni morandi) except that instead of my child, I only see kerbstones and lampposts that are close to the right and left.

Saturday 13

today I wake up with a strange lack of Italianita look at some newspapers on the Internet, especially those most pungent, the fact, free and dancing companions.

the only thing that I do not miss and its politics, sti 4 acrobats eating money trozchiani, Mussolini, Bedouins are eaten outside the village of Leonardo Da Vinci

Meanwhile, the country dies, I also loving Italy in Ecuador I'm feeling more and more at home, I start to make friends, I begin to be paid for the advice .... my god begins to come to me the desire to do the "brain drain".


arrival at the factory even before the director Alvaro, I think a little time I'm becoming the director of ambaradam.

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