Travel to Ecuador to explore Calceta and Babahoio

July 18

Let's start

I and Silvio , to Ecuador . We are on a mission to verify the characteristics of cocoa that provides us Jorghe Felix da Calceta , and to sign a deal with the alcaldesa of Babahoio , where it will rise the first center of couple with Italian -made quality standards .
At the airport waiting for me cousin Jorghe which brings me to the hotel , located right in fronta the Malecon , a kind of walk where the tourist is PiĆ² relax a little as the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, but much, much better .

July 19

9.30 after the best breakfast of the last 10 days , we start with the machine Jorghe Calceta , but before you get to the road we stop to see a motocross competition : it was a life that I could not see more .; Here in Ecuador the people are fantastic , and after 5 minutes you are all friends as they always have been. Some more rash also tries to eat a plate of spaghetti ( in Ecuador ?) prepared by the legendary " CAPPO TO EAT " equatoriano that does not mean anything in Italian and I think its hogwash .
At 16 we get to where we see the center of Calceta couple with a sort of Cozzaglia of many things: there are 6 different types of dryers , the Marchioness gas .
On a central area are building a new series of dryers, certainly better than the old , but also those with some flaws such as the lining of the shoulders in wood.
We then go to the visit of a band set , whose most is interesting surely the experimental finca , where together with another Swiss lady ( she Calceta to get to know the product ) we can figure out all kinds of clone within the zone; Only drawback , a walkway that even Indiana Jones would have done .
We come to the place where we sleep : a gorgeous home ownership sister of Jorghe . Everything nice , except for the fact that the sister of Jorghe , as has the Italian dinner, and saw that these Italians also cook knows , never misses an opportunity : the art of hospitality in return , gently shows us that would like to eat a good plate of spaghetti. Yes, sir, and then still work.

July 20

We leave early to return to Guayaquil where we expect Gustav to head to Babahoio where he and the Alcaldeza sign an agreement to give birth in the winter couple with a new center for cocoa. The design and implementation is entrusted to us of Fine Chocolate .
Seeing as we're there make us a little visit Babahoio , the lawn where it will rise the center , and a place called Mata de cacao .
there we also meet John Ginatta , an Italian equatoriano that deals push forward the development of this project.

July 21

Silvio and I now tired and tested , we expect a day of rest . But here's a little If for some because We are tireless workers ( some chumps anyway) , we stare at each other 3 appointments and visit Ecuacocoa and Tulicorp two companies producing chocolate for different reasons that affect us . The first is with an old facility but absolutely impeccable , the second is small and virtuous .

July 22

It 'now time for us to return. But the unexpected is always around the corner, and we start with a 1-hour delay from Guayaqul to Bogota, where you can catch our plane to Italy . Just landed catch us and make us become Bolt 's El Dorado to arrive in time to board ; exhausted and with the drops of sweat that touch the socks , we come before boarding where the daughter of a good woman , with a smile 40 teeth was so wide, it says: " Sorry, but we have already closed the doors . "
But as the plane was still there, for 1 minute delay left foot 10 people ? Well you do not even need the screams of imprecation . They decided to stretch out the living room and set off the next day !
DO NOT take it anymore ' ... I WANT TO GO BACK IN ITALY !
Lead us to dormine in a 5 star ( cool you say ) ; too bad that at one o'clock at night when we get the kitchens are closed , and they give us for dinner french fries and ketchup ... and as if that was not enough hot water in the shower does not work! So I wonder : but those 5 -star is not who have stolen some nose Mercedes?

July 23

try again ; seem to be two corpses roaming the airports in Bogota, Madrid , etc. . etc. .
I can not tell you that it was all easy from there on, but if I write it because somehow I got home !

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